A Guide to Choosing the Best Tree Service Provider Near You

08 Feb

The tree service industry is full of scam artists and fly-by-night goons. This is quite unfortunate for people looking for these services as well as companies trying to run legitimate tree services. For a homeowner, it becomes quite a daunting task trying to differentiate between a genuine company and a con artist. You must take some precautionary measures to ensure you don't end being part of the statistics of poor professional services that may have gone awry. Here are some basic points to help point you in the right direction. 

Always ensure a company that you are considering has valid insurance policies. A genuine service provider should have worker's compensation insurance plus liability insurance. You can always ask for a copy of their insurance policies and if in doubt, have the certificates sent from the insurance company directly to you for verification. Why is insurance such an important point of consideration? If an accident occurs and there is no proper insurance, you the property owner will be liable. 

Take the time to do your due diligence to establish the kind of reputation the service provider has in the local community. It is no wonder you are advised to seek tree services from local and reputable companies near you. This gives you a good opportunity to sample through their services based on their reputation. A tree service Peachtree City GA company with a long-standing tradition of excellence and a good reputation will undoubtedly work at ensuring they maintain that same positive image. 

While at it, it would be nice to find a company that is a member of any reputable local or national association, such as the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association. It shows they are serious in their trade. Checking the reputation of a service provider is also about ensuring you check local forums for any complaints lodged against the tree service company that you are considering. Should you need extra assurance that a company will not disappoint, do not hesitate to ask them for references. 

Another very good tip when looking for the best tree services near you is to know the average cost of basic tree services. This way, when you ask for a quote, and you get a price that is too good to be true, it probably is. If a service provider is giving a very low quote, it could be they lack proper certifications and insurance, or they have no experience. Should they quote well beyond the average industry rates, it could be they are looking to rip you off your hard-earned cash.

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